Blu Oceano is a family-run Italian Restaurant and B&B born in 2018 from the dream of Massimo, the owner. Aiming to bring to life a cozy place for healthy lifestyle and ocean lovers, he choose the remote and genuine Rote Island after experiencing 10 years across Asia as a diving instructor and cruise director for liveaboard.
Proud of his Italian origins and in love with Indonesian culture and its tropical island with warm crystal clear water and unexplored reefs, he embraced his dream and made it to become reality named Blu Oceano.

Massimo believes in social sustainable development and environmental friendly tourism for conscious travelers. He works with a well trained staff made by young boys and girls born and raised in Rote Island. They take care every day of Blu Oceano guests, both as B&B guests for a deeper experience or just the Italian restaurant’s guests, serving fresh meals with a smile.
Herbs and veggies are provided by the organic bio garden managed by Massimo himself and fresh served daily in the menu respecting the true Italian tradition and the seasonality.

The 2 cozy and quite Blu Oceano rooms are made by Rotenese simple wood furniture and yet a Mediterranean twist.

Massimo and Blu Oceano staff look forward to welcoming you and to bringing you into Blu Oceano dream, treasuring your stay as an unforgettable experience in the island.